October 23, 2014

Bangladesh government develops massive intra network

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This is the era of technology. It is almost inconceivable to live in a world without technology, be it from preparing toast for breakfast or skyping with your loved ones in far off distances. Technology can not only improve your life at a daily basis but can play a key role in helping an entire society thrive and sustain. Developed countries have availed ICT services to ensure a better economy and society at large while the developing counties are now looking to catch up. ICT can play a vital role in solving issues such as poverty, bad governance or a slow economic growth. In Bangladesh, e-Governance has become an issue as several government offices have implemented innovative steps on certain e-Government projects. However, since the concept is still new, it has been met with lukewarm response. Regardless the government has taken e-Governance very seriously.

The Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC) is a statutory body of the government of Bangladesh under the Information & Communication Technology Division, Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications, and Information Technology. The Project BanglaGovNet which stands for Bangladesh Government Wide Network, is a secure and dedicated government intranet that aims to connect all the government entities across the country under one network. The project is being financed by the government of Bangladesh and the government of Korea under the Economic Development Cooperation Fund (EDFC) from the Korean EXIM bank. The total estimated cost of this project is $38.42 million.

The primary objectives of this project includes improving the efficiency of the government and promoting interaction between the government’s ministries or divisions, departments, districts and upazilas with this infrastructure. It will also use ICT system within the public administration to enhance efficiency and transparency. While computerization of work processes can be maximized aiding to provide a better information management system and the public network will serve as a backbone for an effective implementation of e-Government.

The core part of the network which is the National ICT Centre (NICTC) will interconnect every government ministry, department, district and upazila to provide centralized control and management of the network, secure single point of entry/exit to the internet, broadband connectivity through IP backbone, IP based voice services, provide government-wide intranet enabling government agencies to access and share data, operation and maintenance, among others.

The project will be implemented in the areas of Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC), 58 ministries and divisions in Dhaka, 64 deputy commissioner’s offices, 222 departments and agency under ministries and divisions in Dhaka, and selected 64 UNO offices in each district.

With the help of this project, the government wide network will ensure delivery of citizen services through the effective implementation of e-Governance and will be able to achieve their aim of a digital Bangladesh by 2021.